How to support the LFree project?

You can spread the information on the Social network so more people are aware of it and can support the project You can contact us if you think you have the skills to help the project and you are willing to do so: info@bio-s-team.com
All these actions will attest that such a project has Future clients. Support our progress on this breakthrough technology by pre-commanding the device on Indiegogo or buying shares of the company.

Our FAQ can be download


The LFree project - the perk related to your contribution

Perk Contribution Level
A preference share eligible for the payment of 1% of the company's profits >= 10 000 €
A technical training in the construction of the solar concentrator (72 hours of training) >= 6 000 €
Support for sensors, software and its license to control the solar concentrator (available if the project is successful) >= 3 000 €
The support of the materials for the local construction of the solar concentrator >= 1 000 €
The support of the workforce for the local construction of the solar concentrator >= 600 €
A free license to use and access to all the technical specifications of the solar concentrator (module 1) >= 100 €
A copy of the submitted scientific paper that presents LFree technology in pdf format >= 60 €
A personalized video mentioning your name to thank you for your contribution to the LFree project >= 10 €
A subscription to the Newsletter and your name on the list of contributors published on our website >= 1 €

If you need more information, you can read about the project on indiegogo on this pdf document: