The Goal

To provide safe drinking water and electric power from solar energy and any source of wastewater and give access to unwealthy people.
  • Module 1 uses a new solar energy concentration technology.
  • Module 2 co-generates electric power and drinking water.
  • Module 3 treats wastewater to generate safe drinking water.
  • Module 4 allows automation and communication through the martgrid via a Powerline Communication (PLC). A cryptocurrency allows an easy access to people without banks accounts.
Hybrid technology using heat lost by a thermal engine: It makes the system independent of weather. It reduces the use of fossil fuels. It provides water and electric power to an individual dwelling.

10 facts

The LFree Technology

Clean water and energy through thermal solar power.

LFree technology purifies water from any source of contamination being chemical, physical and bacteriological.
  • It efficiently desalinates ocean water.
  • It eliminates all pathogens and microorganisms from previously polluted water.
  • It removes organic and inorganic compounds as well as liquid contents of latrines.
LFree’s water output does not depend on the kind of water input. The LFree technology does not needs flocculants. For more information about the the LFree technology you can read our document: How the LFree project became a breakthrough technology and a success story

How it's made

A technological heart, the central unit

The thermal power units are connected through the Central unit. It is made from an aluminum structure and composite materials. The device is built on site by trained technicians.

How it works

The principles behind its efficiency

LFree technology multiple-stage purification process is based on vapor compression distillation, galvanization and activated charcoal. It has the most effective and powerful method of water purification available. In terms of efficacy, it outperforms reverse osmosis, nano-filtration or ultraviolet purification methods. The water quality of LFree is outstanding, absolutely pure, low mineralized and with a perfect pH balance (6.8 – 7.2). These chemical properties of the water produced by LFree are fine tunable according to the users’ preferences, tastes and local legislation.


From photons to electrons

On top of the central unit is a solar roof with its array photovoltaic panels and solar refractors. LFree generates both AC/DC currents in full compliance with all applicable standards and regulations. The energy in excess is stored.

LFree efficiently convert the very same energy it needs to operate

It does not need to be connected to an electric grid, but its communication module enables it to be part of a smart grid. The free electricity generated by LFree is made available to people via multiple battery chargers and electric plugs.


Water is actually recycled in wastewater treatment plants where biological treatments remove toxic substances from the water. However, some active pharmaceutical substances (such as diclofenac) and pesticides (such as chloredecone) cannot be degraded by bacteria. Furthermore, bacteria exposed to levels of antibiotics develop antimicrobial resistance. The thermal treatment of water kills bacteria and prevents transmission of antimicrobial resistance. It allows degradation of persistent substances where biological treatment fail to reach such a result.


Communication device

One single LFree unit is a standing alone machine, but two or more LFree become a network where each node is self-powered, self-sustained and multi-functional. A growing number of LFree units deployed around the world will contribute to form the next big thing, the so called “Energynet”, a global smart-grid, the Internet of Energy. Another “Waternet” forms another network in which water and electricity merge with information technology.

Monetization and cryptocurrency: Blockchain, coins and tokens

Globally, 31 percent of adults are unbanked. The most commonly cited barrier was lack of enough money. Wallets have evolved from simple software programs handling key management to sophisticated applications that offer a variety of technical features and additional services that go beyond the simple storage of cryptocurrency. The final goal is to develop an open source program able using tokens to safely enable transactions between people producing electric power and safe drinking water from fossil fuel only and the one consuming them.

Human to machine interactions

LFree technology interacts with people through different interfaces and multi-utilities workstations. LFree is equipped with multiple user-friendly water dispensers, multi-batteries charger and different kind of sensors. The system is secured by a RFID identification card but every time the end user approaches the machine, LFree technology immediately recognizes him/her (when registered) and attends to his/her basic needs. LFree collects and reports all types of human-to-machine interactions, as well as everything that happen in its proximity.

Business model of Bio-S-TEAM

Funding and support for the LFree project